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Quiz: What is the #1 cause of employee turnover?

January 3, 2014



To answer this question, take a moment to reflect on the best and the worst jobs you’ve ever had. What role did your boss play in how you felt about those positions? If you’re like a large number of the leaders I’ve worked with, the best jobs you’ve had involved a great boss who spent time with you and taught you a lot. Your worst jobs, on the other hand, probably involved a boss you didn’t like that much—someone who micromanaged your activities or put you down.

Gallup conducted a worldwide poll of more than 1,000,000 employees and 80,000 managers and determined that employees want one thing at work more than anything else—a good boss. So, you guessed it:  The #1 reason for unwanted employee turnover in organizations across the globe is “a bad boss.”

Good Boss

Employees want to work for someone who helps them develop, teaches them key skills, and gives them a chance to use those skills in meaningful ways. In fact, the study confirmed that retention and performance were most affected by how employees felt about their bosses.

So, think about it: Are you more like the best boss or the worst boss you ever had?  Would YOU want to work for YOU?

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