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Take a Brand Inventory Self-Check

August 1, 2013

Coming to the beginning of August means that there are only five months left in the year – indeed, 60% of 2013 is already history!  Whether you are working on your personal brand or your company’s brand, it’s a good time of the year to take an inventory to self-check your progress and ask yourself: How is your brand doing right now?

Keep in mind that your brand is the way others perceive, think, and feel about you (whether for yourself, as an individual, or for your company brand).  So, perception is key.  As you take a moment to assess the state of your brand so far this year, reflect on how close your current brand perception is to your desired brand perception.  If you aren’t sure, you may need to do some sleuthing to determine how others think and feel about your brand right now.  Only when you know how much work you need to do.

Meanwhile, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What actions have you taken so far this year to strengthen your brand?  If you haven’t done anything calculated to improve your brand, start with January, and think about what positive self-improvement steps you have taken each month.  For example, are you a better leader than you were last year?  A better spouse?  Have you added a skill?  Did you take a course? Have you learned to be more patient, on time, or more efficient?
  • Have you made changes in your Actions, Reactions, Look, Sound, or Thoughts that have strengthened your brand?
  • Have you addressed your Corporate Brand/Personal Brand Connection™?  Is it as strong as it could be?
  • Do you work regularly with your Positioning Statement?  If you haven’t looked at it in a while, review it now and check to see if adjustments need to be made to the six elements that make up your brand positioning.
  • What goals do you have to achieve with your brand between now and the end of the year?What could you do that would make the biggest difference in how others perceive, think, and feel about your brand?

Once you have assessed where your brand stands and how you want to improve it, make a commitment to take action during the remaining months of 2013.  What will YOU™ do with the 40% of 2013 that remains?

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