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The World Cup of Leadership

April 14, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing the “World Cup of Leadership.” Leaders are being called into action, tapping into all past coaching, learning, and leadership courses to try and figure out what to do–at a time when it’s not clear what to do. The current situation is so unprecedented that there are very few prior experiences to rely on.

So Harvard Business School profs have been running a series of leadership webinars and, as an alum, I’ve really benefited from participating. HBS has made these recordings public:

Short of time? Here are a few key takeaways–I hope they are helpful!

– Resist the pressure to provide quick answers. Everything is continuously changing, so decisions you make today may turn out wrong tomorrow. Take time to think.

– Communicate, communicate, communicate! It’s an incredibly uncertain period, so those you lead need to hear from you.

– Be brutally honest about the reality of the situation, but also share a rational basis for hope. Provide a story, a narrative for how to make our way through this.

– Pace yourself. There is no confirmed end in sight, so consider this a marathon rather than a sprint. Practice good well-being.



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