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What motivates you?

June 23, 2021

How clear are you about what motivates both you and your team members?

Based on firsthand news I’m hearing from Executive Coaching clients around the globe, companies are either already experiencing – or bracing for – a wave of employee resignations.

With greater access to vaccinations, employees are feeling more confident of the future. And that means, for the first time in months, team members are more open to exploring other employment options.

How do you retain valuable employees? I believe it starts with getting crystal clear on motivators.

To help with that, I am sharing my Motivators Assessment.  It has helped hundreds of corporate clients and their employees understand their primary motivators and how well those motivators are currently being met in their existing jobs. It’s a great conversation starter between boss and direct reports.

Try it for yourself! Click on the image and take the assessment.  I look forward to hearing insights from what you learn!



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