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In honor of World Mental Health Day

October 5, 2021

The results of a recent study reveals that we often say “I’m fine” but don’t really mean it.

For a leader, this means employees are likely to say they are “fine” when they really aren’t.  So, how can you get to the truth of a direct report’s state of wellbeing?

The challenge isn’t in the response itself; instead, it relates to the question we ask. “How are you?” is like wallpaper – we never really pay attention to it. So you’ll like get an automatic “I’m fine” in response. We’re seemingly “programmed” to respond that way.

With that in mind, in honor of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10), I challenge you to come up with a better question. What is the most engaging question you can ask someone that will really help you understand the truth of how they are doing?



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