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The power of a pleasant surprise

May 11, 2023

This week, I was reminded of the power of a pleasant surprise. 
While on vacation in the U.S. – and as an early wedding anniversary gift for my husband and me – a family member arranged to pick us up and take us out for dinner.
The unexpected part: When they arrived to pick us up, this (see photo) was the vehicle they hired for our evening out!

he fun of traveling to dinner in a stretch limo set the tone for a joy-filled and memorable evening. We laughed at the massive interior of the vehicle, the two (yes, two) bars, the beaming lights in the ceiling. That levity stayed with us throughout our meal, and we looked forward to our return limo trip, too.

But what really set this evening apart from other dinner gatherings was the thoughtfulness that went into the surprise.

After the evening was over, I sat and thought back on times when I’d given others unexpected gifts, not only family members but clients and team members, too. I promised myself I would do it more often, now that I experienced firsthand the incredibly positive impact a surprise act of kindness can have.

What unexpected gifts have you received or sent to clients, team members, others? I challenge you to pleasantly surprise someone this week… Who will you choose, and what will the surprise be?



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