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What is YOUR blind-spot superpower?

May 4, 2023

It happened again last week. 
I was sharing feedback with a coaching client – the results from verbal interviews I had conducted with that leader’s stakeholders.
When I shared the most-common strength pointed out by this client’s co-workers, the response from the leader was immediate: “But that’s not a strength – that’s just normal. I’ve always been like that.”
We seem to have this belief that a strength is not a “real” strength unless we have to work hard to develop it.

But a strength can be related to our natural way of being. Here are – just a few examples:
– Building relationships
– Great communicator
– Ability to quickly build rapport
– Good at teamwork
– Organized/a planner
– Loyal
I call this a “blind-spot superpower”. It’s a zone of genius so natural to you that you don’t see it as a strength.
We often think of a “blind spot” as something related to a development area – something we don’t realize about ourselves, such as a negative attribute we are not aware of, that is holding us back from success.
But you can also have a blind spot about something you do extremely well, yet you don’t recognize it.
So… What’s YOUR blind-spot superpower?
If you don’t know, ask this question of the people you work with most: “I’m curious… What natural trait do I have that you may not often find in others?”
Based on my experience, most of us have a superpower we don’t recognize. What’s yours?



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