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Brenda Bence International turns 20 years old!

April 19, 2022

Twenty years ago – April 2002 – I went from being a “corporate executive” to “entrepreneur”.

I remember sitting at my desk, in my home office, without the support of a team, which I had in my corporate job, thinking to myself, “what have I done?”

I’d just left a six-figure corporate executive job within a Fortune 100 company – good title, well paid, with generous perks, and hundreds of employees reporting to me from across almost 50 countries on four continents.

But there I sat, wondering what to do next. I had a vision of where I wanted the business to go, but … how could I make it come to life?

Fast forward 20 years later – and I am grateful every single day to be living the vision I created way back then!

I work regularly with many of the world’s most recognized corporations… I have the honor of coaching hundreds of the world’s most respected leaders… I get to engage and interact with audiences through keynote speeches delivered on six continents – and all of that while collaborating with amazing, hand-picked team members who are flat-out among the very best at what they do.

Pinch me! The career risk I took all those years ago has paid out. (Whew!)

Each of YOU™ has taken some form of career risk, and can relate to this, and I would ask you to look back and reflect on how has that paid out for you.



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