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June 3, 2009

Brenda Bence’s personal branding book for job seekers, How YOU™ are like Shampoo for Job Seekers: The proven Personal Branding System to help you succeed in any interview and secure the job of your dreams, is the Grand Prize winner, named Best Book – Author of the Year, in the 2009 Beach Book Festival, which honors the best beach reads of the upcoming summer season.

The book’s value to a vast audience in this recession won over the judges in the competition. Bence will be honored at a ceremony on June 5, 2009 at the famed Algonquin Hotel in New York City, along with other authors who won awards in individual categories. Bence will also receive a cash award and a two-week public relations campaign as part of her winnings.

The Beach Book Festival, which is sponsored by JM Northern Media LLC, issues annual awards to self-published or independent publisher in fifteen different categories. The Grand Prize Best Book – Author of the Year is chosen from among all of the categories as the best beach read of the summer. Bence’s book also received the top award in the Business Book category.

“I’m thrilled that the book is being recognized in this way,” says Bence, “because this book is so close to my heart. My goal is to help job hunters stand out among the sea of candidates out there to get not just any job, but the job of their dreams. That’s what personal branding is all about.”

How YOU™ are like Shampoo for Job Seekers offers the job hunter the first practical, step-by-step personal branding system geared specifically to the job search process – before, during, and after interviews. The book examines the nuances behind the ultimate question posed to those out of work: “Why should I hire you?” Using a logical and easy-to-understand approach, Bence teaches the reader proven corporate branding techniques and adapts them for personal use.

Bence’s first book in her personal branding series, How YOU™ are like Shampoo: The breakthrough Personal Branding System based on proven big-brand marketing methods to help you earn more, do more, and be more at work, was an award-winning finalist in three categories in the 2008 National Best Books Awards sponsored by USA Book News and also won the First Place Audio Book: Non-Fiction Award from the 2009 National Indie Excellence® Book Awards.

About the Author:
Brenda S. Bence is an internationally-recognized branding expert, Certified Executive Coach, and powerhouse speaker and author. With an MBA from Harvard Business School, her career has included developing mega brands for Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb across four continents and 50 countries. As President of Brand Development Associates International, Brenda now travels the world speaking, training, and coaching individuals and corporations to greater success through creative yet practical brand development. See or for more information.

Bence is available for television, radio, and press interviews nationwide to talk about her books and topics on personal or corporate branding. Contact (312) 242-1830 or for availability.

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