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October 27, 2010

Most of you know I travel a lot, but September and October were filled with two personal “never-done-that-before” travel feats: I worked on four continents in the span of seven days in September and four continents in the span of 11 days in October. Yes, in those very short time frames, I was in such places as Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, Manchester, the U.S. Midwest, and Prague, just to name a few. (By the way, I didn’t experience any jet lag during the entire journey. If you’re curious about how I do that, stay tuned! I will be releasing a new book in 2011 that shares my proven system for achieving jet-lag-free and easy travel.)

While visiting these far-flung locales, I was able to squeeze in a few moments to enjoy some of the sites they are famous for. As I gazed at the Sydney Opera House and watched the men of Manchester raise their Boddingtons Beer bottles, I was reminded that places are branded just like people, companies, and products. And that most cities and countries have iconic symbols that have come to stand for those places – like the Grand Palace in Bangkok or the Old Town in Prague.

Then, I got to thinking … what about ‘icons’ that represent the brands of the companies we lead … and, well – why not – our own personal brands? I’m not necessarily talking about any kind of “logo” or “sign” here, per se … but something more tangible that others would say represents either the product brand you market, your company brand, or YOU™ – the Trademarked You.

Getting clear on a representative icon is a great way to pinpoint your brand and what it stands for. So, ask yourself: If people were to think of one visual symbol that represents you as an individual or represents what your company stands for, what would it be?


I challenge you to give this some thought and come up with a representative icon for yourself or your company — and I will reward you for doing it!

After you’ve given your brand icon some thought, let me hear from you about it! Write to me and answer one or all of these questions:

1. What is the brand icon of the place where you live? If you’re in San Francisco, for example, you’d probably say the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. What is the brand icon for “YOU™” – your own personal brand icon? Is it an animal… a flower… a type of tree… the list could go on and on…

3. What is the brand icon for your company? Get creative here, and remember: it’s important to think about how your customers would see it.


When you use the comment box, below, to share your response to any one of these questions, you will automatically be eligible to be one of TEN lucky winners (chosen out of a hat) to receive the 2011 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar, with my compliments.

This calendar is a great page-a-day type of calendar filled with quotes from successful women entrepreneurs. Now, if you’re a guy, don’t be fooled by the calendar’s name – the calendar definitely isn’t just for women! In fact, many of my male clients have commented on how much they enjoy – and have been inspired by – this annual calendar. Each page is filled with innovative ideas on strategy, teambuilding, marketing, finance, and more so it’s jam-packed with 365 valuable insights for anyone in business.

Over 5,000 quotes were sent in for the calendar this year, so I feel fortunate that my quote was selected (I am also featured on the cover this year!). I have been quoted in the past two years’ calendars as well, and I’m so grateful for this that I want to give away TEN free 2011 calendars in hopes that my e-newsletter and blog readers will enjoy them as much as I have in the past.

It’s a gift of over $20 USD, and I want to give one to you – free – because I know it’s something that will provide you with meaningful, thought-provoking information that you can use every day.

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So, don’t miss out – click the comment button below, and enter the brand icon challenge!


  1. Catherine McHugh

    1. Seattle – Space Needle

    2. YOU brand icon – a live oak tree; they grow N. California, which I call my soul home

    3. My Company – I’m flirting withe the oak tree

  2. Judy Moss

    1. Sydney – the Opera House

    2. My brand icon – a heart – that’s my home, my anchor and my only guide making choices

    3. My company – at the moment I have a spiral of a sun symbol and while powerful I am considering whether to incorporate or change to a heart. Knowing when it feels good the decision will have been made and perfect 🙂

  3. Cesar Balota

    1. Place where I live (Singapore) – if I would be touristy, it’s the Merlion. If I would be cold & hardnosed, it would be the $ sign (or maybe now merged with a pair of dice). But if I want to project Singapore most favourably, then it would be the airline’s Singapore Girl. And that’s my icon choice.

    2. Personal brand icon – the treble clef. Music.

    3. Brand icon for SSL (the company) – well, after yesterday (Reckitt Benckiser offer now declared “unconditional”), it might be a tombstone! But seriously, yet in good humour, I would choose an unrolled condom arranged/silhouetted like a body form lying on a bed of red flower petals (think American Beauty, though we’re British). The reason for the choice is that while we had 2 major global brands (Durex & Scholl), it was really Durex that captured consumers’ – and the creative industry’s! – imagination.

  4. Bonnie A Wayne

    1. What is the brand icon of the place where you live?
    Albany, NY: The Capital Steps (love them, a beautiful visual)
    2. What is the brand icon for “YOU™” – your own personal brand icon?
    A laughing heart. Writing books for children is my passion and it comes from my heart! I take a laugh and learn approach.
    3. What is the brand icon for your company?
    The cover of my 2010 Bella and Finny calendar. Two standard poodles,apricot with a orange ball cap on and a orange sweater tied around his shoulders, black standard poodle with a pink visor with her ears over the visor, white sunglasses and a pink sweater tied around her shoulders. They are sitting on a green lawn with dark green trees in the background. I’m all about LAUGH AND LEARN!


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