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Even if you are a high-performer, do you need to take charge of your brand?

August 23, 2022

Even if you’re a high-performer, do you need to take charge of your brand?
I had so much fun being a guest on Laura Camacho’s top-rated communications podcast! During our chat, I not only shared the response to that question (spoiler-alert: the answer is “yes!”), but I also shared “why” doing so is so important to your ongoing success.
Listen in to discover:
— The two different types of needs your stakeholders have at work, and which is the most important one to address

— How branding has changed since COVID

— The truth about hybrid meetings and what to do about them (!)

Hear these tips (and a lot more!) by clicking on the link:

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to this, what other Leadership Personal Branding questions does this interview raise for you? Would love to hear from YOU™!



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