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Are you doing this to manage your time as a C-Suite leader?

October 10, 2023

🚀 A C-Suite client of mine – let’s call him Andy – recently shared with me a constant frustration. Despite smart planning, he struggled to achieve his daily goals because they were consistently being derailed by unexpected events.

🔥 This challenge is all too familiar in my coaching practice – I often work with leaders at the highest levels who are grappling with a relentless stream of tasks and disruptions.

🤔 Sound familiar to you too?

💡 My advice in such situations: Expect the unexpected. If unpredictabilities frequently throw off your plans, it’s time to plan for them!

🎯 Here’s the strategy:

🕒 Andy, who puts in a CEO’s average of 10 work hours per day, found that around three hours of each day were being consumed by unforeseen issues. That left him with a solid seven hours for planned work.

💼 So, instead of making plans for a full 10-hour workday, I encouraged Andy to focus on planning for seven hours of expected tasks, knowing that three hours might be swept away by the unexpected.

🌟 And, if those three hours end up disruption-free, then he could enjoy them as bonus productivity hours. This worked great for Andy – his productivity shot up and his frustration dropped.

🤔 How about YOU? How do you navigate the unexpected curveballs that surface during your workday?



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