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  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “You far exceeded our expectations! Thank you for giving 200% of yourself to every single delegate who attended.”

    Megan McGill
    Divisional Director IQPC

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “The best speaker we have ever had in my 9 years here!”

    Linette Van Hunnik
    Talent Plus

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “We received nothing, but positive feedback about your speech! We were impressed - you were a perfect speaker in every dimension.”

    Erin Padilla
    Organizer, Singapore Leadership Summit

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “Thought-provoking and inspiring! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to others.”

    I.M. Pandey
    Dean, Asian Institute of Technology

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “A truly wonderful talk. Your enthusiasm and insights were inspirational to us all!”

    Pamela Schmoll
    Founder, WINGS

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “I am already arranging to have you come back and speak again, and I will wholeheartedly recommend you to others both inside and outside of Lilly.”

    Rehan Q. Saghir
    Area Director, Asia, Eli Lilly Asia

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “Your presentation more than met our objectives...all comments were very positive!”

    Susan Eustice
    Divisional Director of PR, Salvation Army

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “I thoroughly enjoyed your talk! It was not only informative but also very inspiring at the same time.”

    Ria Sugita
    Director of Marketing, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing so many valuable tips!”

    Nima Chandler
    General Manager, Nancy Chandler Graphics Ltd.

Why Hire a CSP?

Why Hire a CSP-PDF Format

What does “CSP” mean?

The Certified Speaking Professional designation is the speaking profession's international measure of professional platform skill. Established in 1980 by the U.S.-based National Speakers Association*, this designation is only bestowed upon speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. Therefore, the letters “CSP” following a speaker’s name indicate a speaking professional with proven experience who understands what is required and knows how to deliver client satisfaction.

Brenda has been designated a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association, a title earned by a small percentage of professional speakers for outstanding achievement in the profession. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a CSP?

First and foremost, it will make your job easier! The success of your meeting will be judged largely on the caliber and professionalism of the presenter(s) you select. When you choose speakers with "CSP" after their names, you are assured an accomplished professional who will focus, enhance, and elevate the purpose of your meeting. A CSP's presentation will be highly relevant to your attendees and will offer them information and insights they can immediately apply to their professional lives. A CSP brings a proven track record of continued professional speaking experience and expertise.

What Advantages Does a CSP Bring to Your Conference, Workshop, or Seminar?

A CSP brings a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise. CSPs are committed to ongoing education, outstanding service and ethical behavior. CSPs offer wide varieties of approaches, topics and styles. Only you can determine which speaker will best fit your needs. A Certified Speaking Professional provides a solid place with which to begin your search.

What Are the Requirements for Earning the CSP Designation?

CSPs must document a track record that proves expertise, impeccable ethics, exceptional client service, and commitment to ongoing education. CSP designees must also serve a minimum number of clients within five years and present a minimum of 250 speaking engagements within that same five-year period. Ratings from satisfied clients also play a significant part in choosing those who will receive the title.

How Many CSPs Are There?

Fewer than 10% of professional speakers have earned this professional designation.

“Because you can speak from experience, you quickly earned everyone’s respect, and I appreciate how much and how naturally you involved the audience and illustrated your points. Our team members actually thanked me for inviting you to speak!”
Rehan Q. Saghir, Area Director – Asia Mid-Size (AMS), Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.

Read more speaking testimonials here.

Comments from People Who Regularly Hire Speakers

"CSP is an insurance policy toward the meeting planner's success. The CSP designation is a
qualifier in the mind of the astute planner."
- Brad Plumb, North American Speakers Bureau, Inc.

"I am a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional). I believe strongly in designations. It says you are
committed to the profession. When I have equal speakers, I will take the CSP first over the nonCSP. Yes, CSP does make a difference in selecting speakers."
- Betty E. Garrett, CMP, Garrett Speakers International

"You know they (CSPs) have achieved a certain discipline that puts them in a category all their
own; they have passed the test of longevity; they have proven themselves. It makes a difference
today and will continue to make a difference in the meeting planning industry."
- Marolyn Wright, Program Resources

"When I have a choice of a speaker who is a CSP or not, I will select the speaker who is a CSP."
- Michelle Lemmons, International Speakers Bureau, Inc.

"I always consider the CSP designation the hallmark of professional excellence. The CSPs that
we have selected have never disappointed our audiences."
- Barbara S. Sadek, The Society for Human Resources Management

"It's truly an indication that a speaker has achieved a higher level of professionalism. It's
something we look for first. I reduce my risk by hiring someone with a CSP."
- William Bess, Mfgrs. Representatives of America

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