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  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “You far exceeded our expectations! Thank you for giving 200% of yourself to every single delegate who attended.”

    Megan McGill
    Divisional Director IQPC

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “The best speaker we have ever had in my 9 years here!”

    Linette Van Hunnik
    Talent Plus

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “We received nothing, but positive feedback about your speech! We were impressed - you were a perfect speaker in every dimension.”

    Erin Padilla
    Organizer, Singapore Leadership Summit

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “Thought-provoking and inspiring! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to others.”

    I.M. Pandey
    Dean, Asian Institute of Technology

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “A truly wonderful talk. Your enthusiasm and insights were inspirational to us all!”

    Pamela Schmoll
    Founder, WINGS

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “I am already arranging to have you come back and speak again, and I will wholeheartedly recommend you to others both inside and outside of Lilly.”

    Rehan Q. Saghir
    Area Director, Asia, Eli Lilly Asia

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “Your presentation more than met our objectives...all comments were very positive!”

    Susan Eustice
    Divisional Director of PR, Salvation Army

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “I thoroughly enjoyed your talk! It was not only informative but also very inspiring at the same time.”

    Ria Sugita
    Director of Marketing, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

  • Excerpts from past Speaking client testimonials

    “Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing so many valuable tips!”

    Nima Chandler
    General Manager, Nancy Chandler Graphics Ltd.

Speaking Services Testimonials

"I can't thank you enough for the outstanding presentation you delivered to our leadership team at our recent AmerAsia Leadership Development Conference! From the very start of your talk, everyone became energized, and you lifted their spirits in a way that felt very natural, putting them at ease and opening them up to learning. Your connection to the audience was palpable, and you took them on a journey that kept everyone engaged throughout your entire presentation."
Rehan Q. Saghir, Area Director – Asia Mid-Size (AMS), Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.

"It was fantastic how you were able to familiarize yourself with the audience and make some connections during the pre-dinner networking. During the presentation itself, you captivated our attention from start to finish with your energy and stories about your personal experience. The way in which you have been able to link your professional experience in branding with personal branding was highly relevant to this audience. I especially appreciate that you didn't talk "at" the audience; you drew us in so that we could participate in a way that kept everyone involved and helped them take away great learnings. You were able to engage everyone and stimulate great discussion in the event and days that followed. Everyone benefited from your ability to laugh at your own mistakes and share engaging stories, helping us learn what not to do as well.

It's rare to find a speaker who is both entertaining and informative, and that's the gift you brought us. Working with you was a pleasure. The feedback was so positive that I am sure that we will be engaging your services again soon. Thank you, Brenda, you delivered all you promised to and more!"
Dalia Turner, Senior Human Resources Manager, APAC, Microsoft

"Your presentation was thought-provoking and inspiring, actionable and entertaining all at the same time. Your connection to the audience was powerful; you really helped shape their thinking and motivated them to take action. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to others!"
I.M. Pandey, Dean, Asian Institute of Technology

"Brenda Bence is a thought-provoking and entertaining speaker; I would recommend her as a speaker for any corporate gathering."
Stephen Green, CEO, Chevron Thailand

"I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak! It is easy to see why you are in demand and why our event organizer was so impressed with you and focused on bringing you back to talk to our group. I took away many important thoughts that will stay with me, and I heard so many positive comments about how much everyone enjoyed your presentation! Here is an official 'warning' that you will be contacted by us to speak again someday!"
OBO Lawrence R. James, M.D., American Interstate Bancorporation

"The program was highly successful, and the time you spent with us was a major contributor to the program's overall success! You made an impact on each participant's development as a leader."
Chris Glitzer, Learning & Development Consultant, Global Leadership Development, Eli Lilly and Company

"It was fantastic to have such an accomplished speaker as Brenda present her program on marketing & branding to the IBAP members. The topic was interesting, the content rich, and the presentation professional. We certainly wouldn't hesitate to welcome her back to speak in the future."
James Firth, President, IBAP

"It was a pleasure to have you speak, and your presentation created outstanding energy and buzz in the room! I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with you again in the future at one of the many conferences we host around the world."
Michael Gegg, Director of Events & International Marketing, Kenexa

"I couldn't sleep! Your presentation, ensuing conversation and the following moments of enlightenment/insight had my head swirling. I was consumed with guilt over old [marketing] ideas I should I have acted on, excitement about new ideas. I will implement the 'one hour a day of marketing' rule today, even if I've been thinking marketing since dinner last night. Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing so many valuable tips!"
Nima Chandler, General Manager, Nancy Chandler Graphics Ltd.

"We were so privileged to have you join us. Our board members were 'charged' with new energy, and you made it happen! Branding is so important, and it is difficult to convince some that it is a serious investment in our future. Your presentation really helped us. Thank you!"
Joanne Bemis, Director of Development, Western Division - Salvation Army

"You made a difference in the Talent Plus Culture. Our team was energized by you and your presentation! Thank you."
Doug Rath, Chairman, Talent Plus

"Your presentation was excellent, and I took away so many new thoughts and insights. You are a real pro, and that certainly shined right through in your talk."
Tim Welsh, Managing Director, AgriSource Co., Ltd.

"Your passion for excellence is no surprise to me. What was a bit of a surprise to me was the overwhelmingly positive response as a speaker that you received from a crowd that tends toward being jaded, and which is so diverse that few speakers ring everyone's chimes. But you clearly did it!"
James Fowler, Managing Director, Veritas Enterprises, Ltd.

"Speaking on behalf of our board and officers, your presentation more than met my objectives! I positioned myself by your books afterwards so I could hand them out personally...all comments were very positive! They understood how branding applied to our fund-raising efforts as well as to them personally. Many thanks for sharing your expertise and time with us. I did talk to some people who observed your keen speaking style and also paid close attention to learn more about effective public speaking. What a bonus!"
Susan Eustice, Divisional Director of Public Relations & Communications, Salvation Army

"I was so motivated and energized by your presentation yesterday. I am impressed not only by your career trajectory, but by your sincere passion and love for branding, and your incredible sense of self. It is obvious you truly love what you do!  Thank you again for taking time to speak to us."
Maria T. Lopez Umpierre, MBA Candidate 2011, Boston College Carroll School of Management


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