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Sought after across six continents by multinational corporations, C-Suite Executives, and other leaders at work, Brenda Bence is a globally recognized Executive Leadership Coach and Motivational Keynote Speaker.

With a Harvard MBA, and certified in both Executive Coaching and Professional Speaking, Brenda is passionate about two things – leadership and branding, and how the two work together to help leaders achieve greater success. She is recognized for her unique and award-winning Leadership Branding System which applies to C-Suite Executives, leaders, and corporations alike.

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As a former Fortune 100 executive, Brenda knows firsthand that leadership brands don’t get to be great by accident.

A powerful brand as a leader is built from the inside out.

Your leadership brand is defined by how people perceive, think, and feel about you, and that’s based on how you behave on the outside.  But those external behaviors start first and foremost with what’s going on inside of you.

That’s why building a truly inspiring brand as a leader requires a thorough understanding of how both the inside and the outside work together.

As a globally recognized C-Suite Executive Coach, thought leader, professional speaker, and award-winning author, Brenda has the tools and the proven track record to help you identify self-limiting beliefs and existing behaviors that aren’t serving you. With a toolchest full of pragmatic tips and techniques, Brenda helps clients and audience members embrace the mindset needed to drive positive, long-term behaviors and achieve their full potential.

Brenda’s proven “inside-out approach” is what will help build a sustainable, powerful, and inspiring leadership brand for YOU™® – The Trademarked You.


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