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Brenda Bence doesn’t just talk about leading in these changing times; she lives it.

From years of building billion-dollar brands to working directly with the world’s top C-Suite Executives and leaders, Global Certified Speaking Professional Brenda Bence has her finger directly on the pulse of the key issues facing leaders and team members today.

Global Certified Speaking Professional Brenda Bence

It’s Time for a NEW Leadership Playbook

Let’s face it. The way we used to lead no longer works in today’s world. Drastic changes and uncertainty across the globe have shifted the foundations of leadership that we thought were stable. A 24/7, connected world has leaders experiencing higher levels of pressure and stress. Add to that the most diverse workforce in the history of the modern world, and it can easily start to feel chaotic, disconnected, and overwhelming … which means productivity takes a hit, and that can directly reduce revenues and profits.

These changes are here to stay and there are inevitably more changes coming. Leaders need to think to the future and inspire their teams in that direction.

Brenda Bence has the answers to these challenges, and more.

To every in-person or virtual keynote address, Brenda brings her diverse and extensive leadership experience, motivating audiences with real-life international stories, and award-winning, immediately actionable tips, tools, and techniques.

As a Global Certified Speaking Professional and an inductee of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Brenda is sought after across six continents. Her approachable, thought-provoking, and humorous speaking style inspires audiences to succeed as a leader, both today and in the future.

Brenda Bence Inducted into the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

Brenda is honored to join the handful of other Hall of Fame speakers around the world who have met the criteria for this distinction:

“The Speaker Hall of Fame is designed to find and put the spotlight on speakers who demonstrate the exemplary. These speakers have committed within themselves to the everyday disciplines that lead to mastery.

They constantly refine and develop their ways to communicate so others may be enriched. They are raised up so that others might see what excellence looks like in action. And they themselves are encouraged to continue to be great role models, sources of inspiration, points of reference and diverse images of excellence for us all. They are leading lights in our profession.

All winners are determined by a selection panel of highly regarded peers against a range of criteria, which they are required to rate highly on every criterion.”

Brenda Bence, CSP inducted into Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

Why Work with Brenda Bence

Highly Accredited Speaker

As both a Global Certified Professional Speaker and an inductee into the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, Brenda demonstrates her commitment to excellence through her powerful, action-oriented keynotes.

Audiences Love Brenda

Brenda’s customer repeat rate is an unprecedented 95%, with organizations inviting her back again and again—even to speak at the same conferences and conventions, year after year.

Unparalleled Expertise

Brenda holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, is a former Fortune 100 executive, and has authored several books that have won almost 50 national and international book awards.

Trusted Leadership Expert

As a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Brenda Bence has successfully coached a diverse group of 1,000 senior leaders from 60 nationalities across 70 industries.

Globally Recognized Leader

Brenda is recognized by Thinkers50 as a World Leader in Coaching, and is consistently ranked by Global Gurus as both a Top 10 Professional Coach and a Top 10 Branding Expert.

Brenda’s Most Popular Keynote Topics

Listed below are Brenda’s most popular keynote topics, to equip and inspire your leaders to succeed in today’s modern, ever-changing workplace. Corporate clients frequently engage Brenda to deliver a suite of leadership keynotes, presented throughout the year. All topics are customized, based on your specific audience needs, and can be delivered both in person and/or virtually.

Master the Brand Called You™®

A cornerstone of Brenda’s trademarked Leadership Personal Branding system, this topic delves into how you define and communicate an inspiring leadership brand for greater success in today’s fast-paced world.

Would YOU Want to Work for YOU™®?

Walk away with powerful, immediately useful tips, tools, and techniques to improve retention, strengthen employee performance, and become the motivating and inspiring leader others want to work for.

Master the “Inside Job” of Leadership

To be a truly inspiring leader during challenging times requires a clear understanding that how you behave on the outside starts first and foremost with what is going on the inside. Learn how to strengthen your level of success through mastering the “inside job” of leadership.

Top Leadership Speaker Brenda Bence

Choose to Challenge: Disrupting YOU™® (Diversity & Inclusion)

How do you cut through the confusion of today’s increasingly diverse world and navigate your way to success? Journey into the fascinating world of how we all operate, learn how your beliefs directly impact diversity & inclusion in the workplace – and discover what you can do about it, starting now.

How to Achieve Workplace Wellness—for YOU™®

Why is it so important to look after your own wellness at work? Because self-leadership is the highest form of all leadership. Discover how to take charge of four aspects of your own wellbeing which make the difference between personal success and failure.

How to Achieve Workplace Wellness—for Those You Lead

Today more than ever, your team members are facing mental and emotional challenges. Uncover key tools you can implement on the job to lead others more successfully through challenging times, resulting in better overall team wellbeing, increased employee retention, and improved productivity.

Brenda speaks on other topics as well, such as Boosting your Executive Presence, Managing Tough Feedback, The Art of Listening, and Effective On-The-Job Coaching for Greater Success. To find out more about these and other leadership keynote topics, click here.

What Audiences Are Saying About Brenda Bence

“Brenda’s speech blew me away! There are some speakers I just remember and other speakers who make a profound impact, even after the event is over. Brenda is the latter. Even till today, her speech still lingers in my memory. She deserved the standing ovation she received.”

Tay Guan Hin

J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

“Brenda Bence’s keynote speech was the BEST speech of the convention. It was truly world-class, not only because she gave the audience ready-to-implement strategies, but also because of her exceptional presentation skills. Her speech has the perfect mix of inspiring stories, relevant content, thought-provoking questions, and audience engagement. If you are looking for an outstanding keynote speaker for your next conference, I highly recommend Brenda.”

Nishant Kasibhatla


“Brenda is a wonderful speaker as she speaks with passion and confidence. She shared interesting and inspiring stories which I find useful. Most importantly, the interactive exercises made it so much fun rather than just sitting and listening only.”

Mei Lin

Wholesale Business Development Manager, NNIP Singapore


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