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Here’s just a sampling of what audience members have said about Brenda’s keynote addresses.

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“Brenda is a wonderful speaker as she speaks with passion and confidence.  She shared interesting and inspiring stories which I find useful.  Most importantly, the interactive exercises made it so much fun rather than just sitting and listening only.”
Mei Lin, Wholesale Business Development Manager

NNIP Singapore

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“We loved your presentation in South Korea. It was so inspiring that I didn’t take my eyes off of it, not even for a second. The leadership tips are also useful, and I will share them with a few of the management team members.”
Chalini Guneratne, Manager – Performance & Talent Management

AIA Sri Lanka

“Professional speakers like you, Brenda, are called ‘professional’ for a good reason. Several team members actually thanked me for inviting you to speak! I am already arranging to have you come back and speak again.”

Rehan Qaid Saghir – Area Director

Eli Lilly Asia

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“I think Brenda is a fantastic speaker.  She managed to make the two-hour session so interesting that I didn’t even realize time passing by.”
Hui Hoon, Head Fixed Income, APAC

UBS Singapore

“I am thrilled with your session! I have personally grown, and I believe the rest of team now have a common language to speak from which may be helpful in getting alignment.”
Lyn Kok, CEO

Standard Chartered Bank (Thailand)

“Brenda Bence came highly recommended, and she absolutely lived up to the expectations. She is an amazing speaker, extremely engaging and made the topic relevant”
Vimala Sreenivesan, Senior Regional Sales Director


“A kind, caring, and engaging speaker. Brenda has the skill to connect and get the best out of her audience.”
Angela Floyd, Human Resources Manager – Employee Engagement and Communication, Asia

VF Corp

“Brenda is dynamic, clear, and captivating.  She has the ability to make the audience focus on what matters to them and create a wonderful sharing environment.”
Ambra Debernardi, Director, MNC Business

AIA Hong Kong

“It was fantastic how you were able to familiarize yourself with the audience and make some connections during the pre-dinner networking. During the presentation itself, you captivated our attention from start to finish with your energy and stories about your personal experience. The way in which you have been able to link your professional experience in branding with personal branding was highly relevant to this audience. I especially appreciate that you didn’t talk “at” the audience; you drew us in so that we could participate in a way that kept everyone involved and helped them take away great learnings. You were able to engage everyone and stimulate great discussion in the event and days that followed. Everyone benefited from your ability to laugh at your own mistakes and share engaging stories, helping us learn what not to do as well.

It’s rare to find a speaker who is both entertaining and informative, and that’s the gift you brought us. Working with you was a pleasure. The feedback was so positive that I am sure that we will be engaging your services again soon. Thank you, Brenda, you delivered all you promised to and more!”

Dalia Turner, Senior Human Resources Manager, APAC,



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