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Could I ask for your vote for 2024?

November 17, 2023

I have exciting news to share! 🌟 I’ve been nominated once again as a Top 30 Coaching Global Guru and a Top 30 Branding Global Guru by Global Gurus Research Agency! 🚀 Coaching leaders and branding – and how those two topics work together – are my passions, so I feel really fortunate!

Could I ask for your vote for 2024?

Community votes make up 30% of the final ranking, and I am very grateful for the incredible network that has helped me reach this point. I couldn’t have gotten here without you 🙏 and I would appreciate your vote again this year!

Voting is easy:
– Click the links below:
– Coaching: 
– Branding:
– Log in via Google or LinkedIn (this is necessary to keep the voting honest).
– Find my photo and name, click the button next to my photo.
– Scroll down, select your rating (inspirational, exceptional, etc.).
– Hit “VOTE” to confirm.

Thank you so much for your support! 🙏 Together, let’s make a difference in Coaching and Branding!


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