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Tips for Work Travel

April 22, 2024

🌍 I recently heard this common frustration expressed by a C-Suite client: “I have such an amazing job – I am responsible for so many exciting countries – but I never get to enjoy them because I’m working all the time when I travel.” 🛫

Does this sound familiar to you, too?

Whether traveling internationally or domestically, if you find yourself stuck in the routine of “airport à hotel à office à hotel à airport,” it might be time to explore the idea of a “workcation.”

🔍 How do you find a way to balance work and play while on business trips? Having traveled to and worked in over 100 countries, here are my six favorite suggestions I’ve used over the years:

1. Plan Ahead:
Spend a little time researching your destination before you arrive. What interesting sites, attractions, or dining experiences are close to your hotel or meeting location? Knowing that allows you to have some fun during your limited free time.

2. Extend Your Stay:
Consider arriving a day or two before or after work commitments, giving you time to focus solely on exploring and enjoying the location without the pressure of work.

3. Opt for Early Arrivals or Late Departures:
Schedule your flights to allow for early arrival or late departure. This simple, little adjustment can give you a few extra hours to take in a sight or enjoy a fun, local meal.

4. Prioritize Must-See Attractions:
Make a short list of “must-see” spots based on your interests. Even if you can only fit one or two into your schedule, it’s more than you would see otherwise.

5. Make Lunch Breaks Interesting:
Ask a local colleague to lunch at their favorite nearby restaurant or take a brisk walk in a local park. These breaks can be great for a taste of local flavor and culture.

6. Attend Local Events:
Look up any local events or shows happening while you’re in town. An evening at a local concert or festival can be a great way to unwind.

🤔 What are your ideas for how to incorporate some “play time” while on work trips? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips below!



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