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22nd Anniversary of Brenda Bence International

April 15, 2024

🎉 April 1, 2024 marks a monumental day in my career – the 22nd anniversary of the day I stepped away from the corporate world to navigate the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. 🎉

Looking back on this journey, I took a moment to reflect on what has not only shaped my path, but what might hopefully serve as some guidelines for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here they are:

1.    Honor Your “Zone of Genius” 🌟
Embrace self-awareness. Know what you truly enjoy and excel at, because it will be your daily bread in your business. For me, it’s been Senior Executive Coaching and Keynote Speaking, areas where my passion and expertise blend well.
2.    Analyze the Market for Needs 🔍
The 2 reason new businesses fail? Ignoring market needs. Dive deep into not only the functional but the emotional needs of your clients. My niche is providing top-tier executive coaching services at the high end of major corporations, where there are less coaches, and knowing how to address not just skill enhancement but to also foster empowerment, confidence, and capability.
3.    Offer a Superior Client Experience ✨
From the initial contact, your aim should be to offer an unparalleled experience. My team and I pride ourselves on what we call our “white-glove service,” ensuring every interaction throughout is seamless and memorable.
4.    Have a Clear Vision of the Future 🌈
Don’t be limited by the “what is.” Dare to dream about “what can be.” Daydreaming is not just for kindergarteners; it’s a powerful tool that propels us towards a far more exciting future.
5.    Excel in the Little Things 🛠️
Small, daily efforts compound into significant achievements. Consistency is key. Suddenly, you wake up and find yourself celebrating decades of success and fulfillment!

As I celebrate 22 years of entrepreneurship, I am filled with incredible gratitude – thankful for clients, team members, and all those who have supported me throughout. And I continue to be wildly enthusiastic about the future!
If you’re embarking on your own entrepreneurial venture, I hope this has been helpful. Remember that the path to success is paved with self-awareness, market understanding, exceptional service, visionary thinking, and consistent excellence.

Here’s to YOU™ and to dreaming, doing, and thriving in your entrepreneurial journey! 🥂



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