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Leadership Lessons from our Parents

May 10, 2024

A few days ago, my mother passed away, just one day shy of her birthday.

It was not “unexpected,” I guess – she was aging, and her health had recently taken a rapid decline.

Through the grief, I am finding solace by reflecting on the impact my mother had on my life, particularly in shaping my understanding of leadership.

You see, I believe strongly that *our parents are our first leaders.* From very early on, they teach invaluable lessons that stay with us throughout our lives, often without us realizing it. Parents guide us not only in how to navigate the world but also in how to lead ourselves and others.

As our family begins the task of writing our mother’s obituary, I am reminded of the countless leadership lessons my mother shared with me. Here are just a few…

 – Laugh in the face of adversity – approach challenges with resilience and humor.

 – Take initiative and lead by example.

– Be strong and independent, no matter the circumstances. (She raised four children as a single mother.)

As I bid mom farewell, I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom she imparted. Her lessons continue to guide me today, shaping the leader I have become.

Please join me in reflecting on the leadership lessons your parents taught you… What wisdom did they share that you still carry with you today?

Let’s honor our “first leaders” by sharing stories and celebrating the profound impact parents have had on our lives.



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