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How does coaching impact leadership and corporate success?

August 21, 2023

Ready to revolutionize your perspective on how coaching impacts leadership and corporate success? Tune in to this full and fast-paced interview between myself and podcast host Dhruti Shah on her show, C2C-OD.

In our conversation, I share intricacies of the executive coaching profession… my perspective on creating a corporate coaching culture… experience-gained insights and examples based on my decades as an Executive Coach… why coaching isn’t just a tool, but a cultural shift that fosters collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Dhruti and I delved into the very essence of what makes coaching such a transformative force in today’s business landscape. From defining the true nature of executive coaching to showcasing its undeniable impact on corporations, I share how coaching is breaking down barriers and unlocking a world of potential.

And if you are curious about who stands to gain the most from engaging a coach, look no further! I guide you through the maze of possibilities.

You’ll uncover the secret ingredients that have fuelled my own success as an Executive Coach, hopefully leaving you inspired and ready to elevate your own leadership journey!



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