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Inspiring Thinkers50 Event in London!

November 14, 2023

What an inspiring few days in London!

It was truly an honor to be part of the MarshallGoldsmith100Coaches and Thinkers50 events that unfolded November 5-6. MG 100 Coaches brings together top coaches and thought leaders from around the world to share knowledge and make a positive impact, and Thinkers50 identifies and promotes influential management and business thinkers globally.

Both are amazing, impactful organizations so to attend two days of events that encompassed both was truly a magical experience!

There was a lot of great learning shared. Among the wealth of insights, here is one nugget that really resonated with me. Coming from the brilliant Julie Carrier: “Leader Identity is the ability to see oneself as a leader. When we see ourselves as leaders, it unlocks tremendous potential.” 🌟

I will summarize all of the valuable takeaways from these events, and I look forward to sharing more thoughts in the future. But for now, I’m reminded of the incredible growth in the coaching community and the power that each and every individual on the planet has as leaders of ourselves and leaders of others to help create the future. Together, we are able to not only unlock the potential within us but inspire others to do the same!



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