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What made this definition of leadership go viral?

July 26, 2023

What about this specific “definition of leadership” has caused this video to go viral, with more than 3MM views, so far (you can view it here:

I was recently interviewed by Rodrigo Canelas for his Something Bigger Talk Show, and during our conversation, I shared my definition of leadership. Here is what I said, which is based on my experience coaching leaders from around the world:

“What is the definition of leadership? When I ask that question, for so many leaders, there’s a little bit of a pause… because I don’t think we often stop to think about it: What IS leadership, anyway?

I like to keep things very simple. To me, leadership is enablement. Leading is about enabling people to do their best work. It’s putting in place the processes, systems, structures, culture, the environment needed, and making sure you understand employees’ motivators – all which allows them to be in a space of delivering their absolute best.”

This is why I like to call CEOs Chief “Enablement” Officers.

To what extent do you agree, and what aspects of the above definition speak to you? Is there anything missing in this definition?



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