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A powerful leadership lesson from Leap Year

March 1, 2024

February 29 marks the extra day we get every four years, creating a “Leap Year” in 2024. I was curious about why we do this, so I checked it out. What would happen if we *didn’t* have leap year?

Here is what I learned:

💡 The calendar year would gradually drift out of sync with the solar year.
💡 Within 40 years, the seasons would be off by 10 days.
💡 Within ~700 years, the Northern and Southern Hemisphere seasons would have completely swapped, and there would be (for example) snow in July in North America and Europe.

Fascinating, isn’t it? These little, one-day-every-four-year adjustments, which don’t seem significant or life-altering, can have a huge, long-term impact.

There’s a great #leadership lesson in this:

*Small actions taken regularly can lead to significant results over time.*

For example:

💰 Saving money: Consistently putting aside a little money can accumulate into big savings over time, allowing improved financial security or opportunities for investment.

✍️ Learning a new skill: Spending a few minutes each day practicing a new #skill, whether it’s learning a software, studying a foreign language, or strengthening coding skills, can lead to a high level of proficiency over time.

🎯Self-improvement: Dedicating a small amount of time each day to personal development actions like daily goal-setting, supportive self-talk, or concentrated focus time can lead to personal and professional growth over time.

What is an example you’ve experienced of making consistent small changes that led to big outcomes? I’d love to hear!



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