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How to brand your business – my tips and more!

July 29, 2021

As a panelist for Asia Inc. Forum’s virtual conversation on the topic of “How to Brand Your Business,” I answered questions related to some of branding’s hottest topics.  Feel free to watch the entire interview, or skip to any one of the segments below.

06:50 to 09:16 – “How is a ‘brand’ different from ‘branding,” and why are the two important?”

15:24 to 17:36 – “How do companies ensure the perception of their brand is consistent with what they want the brand to stand for?”

18:23 to 19:15 – “How do you create an environment where one is open to critical feedback?”

23:53 to 26:34 – “What are your top three tips for SMEs who are beginning their branding journey?”

34:49 to 37:10 – “When starting a small business, do we start with branding?”

39:33 to 41:20 – “Clarifying ‘re-branding’ versus a ‘re-brand’ – and which you want to do?”

41:29 to 42:08 – “What are the most common reasons brands don’t work, and why should we re-brand?”

47:56 to 50:10 – “How do brands handle negative publicity?”

59:39 to 1:02:50 – “How do you know you have the right brand positioning statement before launching your brand?” 01:05:54 to 1:07:20 – “Why is personal branding so important to leaders?”

01:05:54 to 1:07:20 – “Why is personal branding so important to leaders?” 



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