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My experience working and living in Singapore, and some key leadership insights!

September 21, 2023

In this interview with the podcast host Max Chernov, I share numerous experiences from my career, a career which has been built almost exclusively while living and working overseas. Max is known for his interviews with expats who are based in unique places, and since Max and I are both living in Singapore, we focused in particular on my time spent in this “Little Red Dot” (as the city-state of Singapore is affectionately called).

During our chat, I share what makes Singapore such an extraordinary place to live in and to run a global business. You can find out all the reasons behind our affinity for Singapore and why my husband and I have stayed in Singapore the longest of all the places we’ve lived – along with some funny anecdotes that have come from living here, too!

Max and I also dove into many leadership insights that I’ve gained through my own career in the corporate world as well as through coaching hundreds of senior executives of major corporations. I share how certain lessons learned early in my career are still relevant to leadership today. Curious which ones? Watch to find out here and let me know what your key takeaways are! I look forward to hearing from you.



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